About us

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Who are we and what we do

LivEnglish is a 100% English language school where students will learn practical English for use in everyday life. At the end of the course, students will be able to: Speak English through conversations with the instructor. Write essays in English on any topic of interest. Comfortably pass any English test or exam for certification. Pass the TOEFL exam if they wish to study abroad.

Matthew Block

Master of Arts – English and Creative Writing

Something about LivEnglish

LivEnglish’s proven teaching method is the most didactic and entertaining way to learn English: Instead of focusing on grammar as usual, or the algebraic equations of tenses along with filling in the blanks in a workbook, students will experience complete immersion in the language, even from the very beginning, while spending time with their instructor.

Students will receive all required study materials. These materials will be distributed as “.pdf” files of modernist and contemporary literary works of fiction by some of the best authors in the English language: Ernest Hemingway, O’Henry, Stephen King, and Edgar Allan Poe.

Upon completion, in addition to having learned English through the aforementioned material and with the help of the instructor, students who finish the program will be prepared with knowledge of literary works that are often studied at universities in the United States. All this, in only nine months.