Fluency through immersion

Immerse yourself in the language and learn English with real experiences and interactions from your first class!

"Learning never exhausts the mind."

-Leonardo Da Vinci

How does it work?

In just nine months you will be able to acquire the language naturally: By participating in the three levels of the course, you will have the opportunity to build meaningful experiences as you read, listen, speak and write in English, all through great literary works of the English language and active class participation.

Why does it work?

Livenglish learning consists of total immersion in the language. This allows your brain to acquire the language progressively and naturally. As a result, you will learn English just as you learned your native language over time.

The real method

Why choose us?

In just nine months students will have immersed themselves in the English language, and, with dedication and effort, will become proficient in the language for practical use.

Guaranteed Method of Learning

Studying English by speaking, writing, and reading English is the best way to learn.

Your location doesn't matter

Learn from wherever you are! No in-person classes necessary.

You'll be prepared for what you need

Our courses also prepare you to take exams such as the Cambridge F.C.E. and TOEFL.


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Excelente enseñanza 100% práctica y los maestros muy dedicados .... lo mejor desde casa 👏🏻

Marlit Ruiz Abarca


Me gustó mucho y aprendí mucho excelentes profesores

Lizbeth Susana


Son clases de diferentes niveles diseñadas de una forma fácil y comprensible para los estudiantes y lo mejor desde casa.

Yuly Suárez

Untitled design

In my first job as a tour guide... the classes were a great help. I am still improving and learning. Thank you.

Jhonny Ullauri